Prof. Ye Jian was invited to participate in the 2018 Workshop for Advanced Minimal Invasive Biomedical Technologies

The 2018 Workshop for Advanced Minimal Invasive Biomedical Technologies was held in the Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University on June 15, 2018. The conference was sponsored by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts of the Ministry of Education and hosted by the School of Biomedical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Ten internationally renowned professors and nine professors from Shanghai Jiaotong University were invited to communicate and discuss their research in neuroengineering, imaging and instrumentation, molecular imaging, and biology, with the aim of promoting existing Sino-foreign cooperative research and development of new collaborative research opportunities.

Prof Ye. gave a report titled “Off-resonant surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanoprobes for bioimaging”. He introduced the design and preparation, the enhancement mechanism and biomedical applications of the non-resonant gap-enhanced Raman probes with good photostability and high sensitivity which were designed by our group. It was well received.

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